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(via 500px / Photo “BMW M3 ” by PJ Moran)


Colliding galaxies.
(Image credit: ESA, NASA, Gemini Observatory) 

I think they are my favourite objects in outer space.

We’re not the only smart animal, let alone mammal hahaha


BMW Vision Gran Turismo (by Car Fanatics)


NGC 7293, better known as the Helix nebula, is the nearest example of a planetary nebula, which is the eventual fate of a star, like our own Sun, as it approaches the end of its life. As it runs out of fuel, the star expels its outer envelope of gas outward to form a nebula like the Helix.
Images: different views of NGC 7293. Credit: ESA, NASA, ESO.

New Rims


All the planets as one


Auroras in the Solar System | HubbleImages

1. Saturn
2-5. Jupiter
6. Earth